About Company

We are a family company based in Warsaw - one of the largest European capitals. Our products are entirely designed and manufactured in Europe. This is a 100% fully European product, whose workmanship, materials and design confirm the highest standards of European craftsmanship. 

See HERE how we care for the environment. We know and understand that our children's future is not only about their development, but also about having a safe and green place to live. That is why we are so strict about protecting the environment and having as little impact on it as possible.

Sample imageMISSION
We support children's development by creating creative educational materials, because we believe that with the help of adults, every child has a chance to express themselves by creating colorful stories. A child's future is tied to where they live, which is why our products are creative, developmental, and are eco-friendly.


Sample imageVISION
Customers trust PIENNA® to provide children with a valuable resource for learning and creative development.



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Our PIENNA® creative development sets are made with children's futures in mind. Their easier to learn and develop ability to understand space, relationships, cause and effect sequences. We want parents and children to associate PENNA® with great fun, but also with unforced and natural development.



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Creative Cafe Radosław Florczak
ul. Grzybowska 87
00-844 Warszawa

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